An Unauthorized Autobiography

Not that anyone asked…


Since childhood, I have fantasized that one day I’d be somebody famous – a celebrity, a scholar, an inventor, the president, a corporate magnate, an ICON! And when that happened, I could finally, FINALLY write my autobiography – or better yet – have a salacious, unauthorized biography written about me. Well, so far, that hasn’t happened. Instead, I’ve slogged through decades of unglamorous jobs, nearly impoverished a lot of the time, in a country that has seemed to go from bad to worse (ever since Ronald Reagan) and now here I am, barely better off than I was in 1990 and certainly no more famous.

Well, you know what? It doesn’t matter that the American dream continues to evade me and nobody knows who I am. I’m still writing that autobiography! Why does someone have to be famous to write an autobiography? I may not have had six husbands, won three Academy Awards or spent a third of my life in rehab, but that doesn’t mean my life hasn’t been interesting or readable.

So, welcome everyone! WELCOME to Joseph Roling, An Unauthorized Autobiography! May you ALL be entertained by my life experiences, foibles, humiliations, failures, perspectives and yes, even a couple of triumphs thrown in for good measure.

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